Trained in Japan's oldest combat-oriented martial art, Rico Lamoureux combines his expertise in self-defense with his passion for storytelling, the result being the gritty Crime thriller world of the Riker series.

With each fast-paced book comes a new case Riker must battle through, using his role as a private investigator to help bring justice to the world.

A theme the author truly believes in.

"There are too many people out there who are willing to inflict harm onto others for their own gain. Although I write to entertain, I aim to provoke thought as well. To engage, excite, and eblighten." 

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Welcome to the official home of the Riker crime thriller book series. In addition to all things Riker my entire backlist of literary works consisting of multiple genres will be posted here.


Crime Thriller author. Sharing my whole backlist of literary works covering a variety of genres while also sharing new works as a crime thriller author.