The Riker 9 Street Team

Exclusive to only 9 members, this street team are Riker Books enthusiasts.

They will help in getting the word out on Riker Books, both online and out in the real world.

Member Requirements:

Must enjoy gritty crime thrillers, in addition to a variety of other genres, as well as having no triggers. (Riker Books never has content which involves harming children.)

Genres under the Riker Books imprint include:

The Riker Crime Thriller Series.

Erotic Substance.



Short Stories.


What The Riker 9 Street Team receives for their participation:

Free access to everything published by Riker Books, in the form of free yearly subscriptions.

A physical signed copy of book one of the Riker series, Riker's Calling. As well as a Riker Books keychain. To be sent to members after one month of actively participating in all assigned tasks.

Signed ARCs of every new Riker book upon publication.

Exclusive Riker Books items.

How To Apply To Become A Member:

Email with the following info:

1.) What social media are you active on and what's your handle.

2.) What are some ideas you have with spreading the word about Riker Books.


If you are selected to become a member you must agree to no political talk when posting about Riker Books. And always be kind as representatives of Riker Books.

Only 9 members will be chosen to make up the street team of The Riker 9. One of the reasons for this is to ensure all members can benefit from the exclusive items that will be given to this exclusive group.

Riker Books reserves the right to remove members if they are found to not be actively participating in tasks and/or being divisive in their social media posts, such as sharing political opinions.

Only 9 members can be selected, but if you are not among the first 9 don't worry. Your contact info will be saved, and we will reach out to you when a spot is available.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Riker Books team.


Rico Lamoureux

Author/Founder of Riker Books